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  • Website of JoomlaStats
  • The latest Version
  • Support for JoomlaStats Information about getting more support can be found under in the forum. Within FAQ 'How to get help'. There you can find the link to the forum where you can do a search for additional help, or place your questions (questions within these help pages will be removed without notice).

    Hint: After installing JoomlaStats, you need to activate it!


  • Purge Database
    With this action you can decrease the size of the database. This is done by summerizing the pages visited. The totals will remain, however the precise desciption of what pages are visited are not requestable!
    This should be executed, when the size of the database is getting to big (database size is displayed at the statistic page 1st line on the left).

Hint: This action is only shown if there are some data available!

Delete Database

  • Delete all data, without making any precautions to restore them.

    Selecting this option will delete all JoomlaStats data. Be sure to back up your database before using this option.

  • Part backup
    Backup visitors statistics. After the backup is done, the visitors statistics will be cleared.
  • Complete Backup
    All JoomlaStats tables are backuped and stored with a date and time mark.
    The only way to access this data is using a SQL manager (for example phpMyAdmin)!