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Is your database growing against the maximum that your webhosting grants you (size or execution time, for example 32MB or 30seconds)?

Duk3luk3 wrote a procedure in the forum that enables you to retain and use all data on your local machine using XAMPP.

  • download your complete joomla installation
  • download your complete joomla database
  • download and install XAMPP ( )
  • setup XAMPP ( for Windows: xampp_setup.bat in XAMPP main dir )
  • copy your joomla copy into a subfolder of the XAMPP htdocs folder
  • copy your database backup into the XAMPP mysql db (phpMyAdmin is abel to continue timed-out imports)
  • open the configuration.php file of your local joomla installation and chagen the $mosConfig_absolute_path, $mosConfig_db, $mosconfig_user (probably "root") and $mosconfig_password (probably "") so they are correct within your local copy of Joomla.
  • congratulations, you now have your whole joomla installation replicated locally! I suggest you keep it as a testbed even after you solved your joomlastats database problem.
  • test it: start xampp (xampp_start.bat), open your browser (I recommend Mozilla Firefox) and navigate to "localhost/joomla_subfolder" (replace joomla_subfolder accordingly!). You should see your Joomla just fine.
  • now we have to manipulate a little bit. Go to the xampp folder and navigate to /apache/bin/. Open php.ini. Change the configuration variable max_execution_time to the value 0 (null) and memory_limit to, like, 128M.
  • then log into your local joomla admin backend (same user/pass combination as online) and got to JoomlaStats Configuration. Set Time Limit to value 0 (null). Save configuration.
  • Now perform database reduction. it will take some time, but it will run through.

You can then re-upload all your joomlastats-related tables to your webhosting.

Make Backups!
XAMPP in standard configuration is very vulnerable if you have a direct connection to the internet! This small walkthrough can't cover this.