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Q: You have just installed a JoomlaStats extension (for example module mod_jstat_flags) but it is not working. On the frontend of your website you see the message "It seams that module xxx is not installed correctly....."

A: When you find your way to this page, you probably tried to install one of JoomlaStats extensions (like module mod_jstat_flags) without installing the JoomlaStats engine (com_joomlastats).

Probably on your page you have the message: "It seams that module Flags (mod_jstat_flags) is not installed correctly. Please refer to JoomlaStats extension installation problem page."

There are 2 reasons for this:
1) You have not installed the JoomlaStats engine (com_joomlastats) -> please install it. Have a look at SSS: 3 Simple Steps to Setup for help on how to do this.
2) This particular extension needs a more recent version of the component -> please check it on JoomlaStats Extensions page and/or install newer engine (see point 1).