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Right now only a small group of developers are working on the project. They do that in our spare time!

By publishing their work to the open source comunity they want to let other people benefit from their efforts. Since there are numerous different possibilies to implement software running on even more possible versions of related software there could be an issue in your particulair implementation. Although the developers are willing to help you out, it's not their duty!

So please help them by getting the facts right before shouting for help.

  • look for information within the official home page: (use the search field in the upper part of the screen)
  • look for information withing the FAQ pages (use the 2nd search field of the screen)
  • look for information withing the forum (use the search in the upper part of the screen, or the forum search field)> As you can see the FAQ pages are not yet integrated with the main search field.
    If you still can't find a solution to your issue, then post it to the forum. Don't look silly and ask questions that other already have fixed.
    If you are sure you have found a bug, then report it to our bug tracker.

The nice thing about having an open source community is that not only the developers are willing to help. We've found users helping other users in the forum, many thanks for that!

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