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Things you could do to have an easy developing environment.

This document still needs to be formed in a nice looking way, but it will show what tools you could use to be part of the developing team.

If you are a known developer, you could just put a message on the forum or send an email with your enhancements / adjustments and we look if we might integrate it in the next release.
If you want to be a core developer, you need to:

  • Register at (but you probably did that long time ago (wink)
  • Create a JoomlaCode account
  • On the JoomlaCode/JoomlaStats page click something that sounds like "Request to join project". 

After having some communication with the team you'll be granted access to the Developers Wiki, where you can find some usefull thoughts of our team.

On the JoomlaCode the developers can find

Bug Tracker

Users can add their discovered bugs

Feature Tracker

Users can add their wanted features


- not used right now -


Tasks are things to develop.
Could be a feature request, but can be a feature the public doesn't know about.

Source Code

SVN, here's the JoomlaStats code


- not used right now -

File Releases

The public released versions

Coding the Code 

The coding itself can be done with any tool you want to, but here are some tips you might look into:

Eclipse                  (other option could be TortoiseSVN)
+ php extension  
+ svn extension
+ GForge plugin     (very cool, but seems to cost money ) 

How to install Eclipse for Joomla environment

  • Download (Eclipse IDE for Java Developers or Classic), extract (will run from there) and start Eclipse 
  • Install PHP Eclipse
    • Go to: Help, Softwareupdate, find and install
    • Select: 'Search for new features to install'
    • Choose: New remote site
    • User these parameters:
      Name: php elcipse
    • We check the checkbox and click Finish
    • A list of possibilities is presented. Select he latest PHP eclipse release and press Next.
    • Acknowledge the installation warning about being unsigned
    • restart Eclipse
  • Installing Subclipse
  • change Eclipse setting: Window/Preferences - Install/Update - set to compatible
  • activate the Perspective: got to Window-> Open Perspective ->Other -> Select PHP -> Ok
  • Connect to the repository using eclipse
    • Go to Window, Show View, Other, SVN, SNV repository
    • On the right top of the screen you will see the text cvs repositories (or SNV repositories) followed by the >> sign (more). Select SNV repositories here.
    • On the left a SNV repository view will beopend. If not go to Window, Open perspective, Other and choose SVN repository exploring.
    • In the SVN repository exploring you will see a DB like icon with a + and the text SNV on the right top.. Click it.
    • Right click in the SVN Repository; select new->Repository Location
    • Use these settings:
      User: developers username
      Pass: Your password.
  • Open perspective 'Team Synchronisation' (on top right)
  • In SVN Repository, select trunk and Check Out (in the workspace as trunk with head revision)

You checkout all the code (or just the parts you want to make changes), then you can modify it localy and when it should be executable without error messages or breaking down, you upload to SVN.

Access to SVN

Alternative method to access to SVN (instead or simultaneous with eclipse) You can install TortoiseSVN. Download here: