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Table of Contents

Can you explain "Visits and Unique Visits?" 

A : A visit is a group of page requests identified by the same IP address and browser within a period of time (configurable in the config screen), not identified as a bot.


To have an indication how many people are revisiting the site we added the 'Visits Average'. This is visits  divided by unique visits. So if the value is 2 than the average visitors are visiting your site twice (the selected period)

What is "Visits average"?

A: Visits average will show you how many visits are new visitors or visitors that previously visited your site. If the value=1, then all visitors are unique. If the value=2, then all visitors (on an average) visited your site twice within the selected period. 

Are the visits always originated from the displayed IP address?

From version ther is implemented a new feature to recognize visitors also by using a cookie.

Using this cookie feature, the visit is counted for the IP/Client combination, which was used during the first visit. If the IP or the Useragent string is going to change, it would not reflect the newest values on screen.

Why are the total unique visitors of all days more than the total unique visitors for that month in the year table?

A: The total unique visitor (tuv) in the year table is less or equal to the tuv in the month table. This is due to the larger period you check for double users.