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Creating  a useful tool requires several combined software solutions. For JoomlaStats we have selected these as the best possible pieces of the puzzle:

Public website

Since JoomlaStats is specific written for Joomla, we use the Content Management Sytem  (CMS) Joomla.

We've added a forum that might be a bit outdated (that is why we don't give your it's name (wink)) but it still does the trick.


Both the source code (SVN) as well as the final products even our the bug tracker can be found on JoomlaCode. is a resource for developers to build and manage Open Source software projects centered around Joomla! With they aim to help build Open Source tools and extensions for the Joomla! user community by providing resources to help developers work together in an Open Source spirit.


First we started to use Joomla articles to be able to inform you. But this was quite a one way communication. We didn't find that this fit to the open source feeling. A wiki would enable others to contribute, but most solutions would require the user to dive into the world of wiki-code. Then we stumbled over Atlassian's product named  Confluence. Confluence is collaboration and wiki software that connects your team to create, share, and discover content. Because it had a WYSIWYG kind of interface, no one would be required to learn any wiki code. We couldn't lower the easiness of use any further!

But even the nice Confluence platform can be polished by adding some very useful plugins:

  • Adaptavist Theme Builder
    An extremely flexible theme that can be quickly configured to a wide range of designs and layouts.
  • Ad hoc workflows
    Ad hoc Workflows allows you to manage tasks, approvals and workflows around your content. From on-click approval requests to elaborate workflow structures with notifications, Ad hoc Workflows integrates seamlessly with Confluence, without compromising the open and collaborative philosophy of a wiki.
  • Customware Reporting
    The CustomWare Reporting plugin allows powerful reporting of Confluence content and has extension points for other plugins to provide their own data sources and handling. With this plugin YOU get into control over the content.. Select and present exactly that what you want!


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