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JoomlaStats - Help

JoomlaStats is an add-on for the CMS Joomla! and will show you everthing you need to know about your visitors.

Useful links: 

  • Website of JoomlaStats
  • The latest Version
  • Information about getting more support can be found in the FAQ 'How to get help'. There you can find the link to the forum where you can place your questions (questions within these help pages will be removed without notice).

    Hint: After installing JoomlaStats, you need to activate it!

JoomlaStats menu items

  • Statistics
    Here all the statistics are shown
  • Configuration
    Adjust and configure JoomlaStats
  • Exclude
    Remove or add logging of visitors
  • TDL-Check
    If the country of the visitor can be found easily (not yet enhanced to whois queries) then the country is added to the visitor data
  • Info
    Information about JoomlaStats and the database
  • Help
    Calls the integrated help (this document)

Configuration Menutabs

Settings are defined with the menu Configuration


  • Onlinetime
    For what period (selectable from 15 minutes to 24 hours) will a visitor be seen as one (1) visitor
  • Startoption
    Specify what table should be shown as default page.
  • Language
    Normaly JoomlaStats can detect automaticaly by Admin- or user language and change it's language (Auto).
    Choose a specific language to lock the language.
  • Time limit
    Time limit for internal JoomlaStats processes (for example purging) - also dependant from existing server configuration.
    If the serverconfiguration allows, you can adjust the timelimit here.
  • Display purged data
    Displays purged data seperately
  • WHOIS Support
    If it's not possible to detect the country from the visitor's domain and this option is selected, then JoomlaStats will automaticaly checks the visitors IP to a country database. This way the country will be known from where the visitor is browsing.
  • I18n Support
    If you use Joomla with a translation tool like Joomla!Fish and this option is selected, JoomlaStats will log all translated pages as 1 page.


  • Purge Database
    With this action you can decrease the size of the database. This is done by summerizing the pages visited. The totals will remain, however the precise desciption of what pages are visited are not requestable!
    This should be executed, when the size of the database is getting to big (database size is displayed at the statistic page 1st line on the left).

Hint: This action is only shown if there are some data available!

Delete Database

  • Delete all data, without making any precautions to restore them.

    Selecting this option will delete all JoomlaStats data. Be sure to back up your database before using this option.

  • Part backup
    Backup visitors statistics. After the backup is done, the visitors statistics will be cleared.
  • Complete Backup
    All JoomlaStats tables are backuped and stored with a date and time mark.
    The only way to access this data is using a SQL manager (for example phpMyAdmin)!


  • CSV export
    With this action one of the selected tables can be exported as CSV (Comma Seperated Value) file and stored locally.
    Afterwards the file can be opened/edited by e.g. MS-Excel or OpenOffice
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