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JoomlaStats - JoomlaStatsViewer
Friday, 22 December 2006
As a JoomlaStats user, you probably want to have instant real time access to your sites statistics, preferably without going through some web pages?
With JoomlaStatsViewer you can! (release date of stable release is unknown)
  • It's a XUL combined with AJAX application, i.e. running in the Mozilla runtime environment.
    (the statistics will automatically update. You can click the update button though, if the interval between updates seems too long)
  • It should run on Windows, Linux and MacOS at least.
  • It get's the data through a server module
    (a Joomla component that has to be installed on the server)
  • Of course it'll be released under the GPL as a real opensource project would want.
You can download a pre-alpha version 0.5; Read the installation guide contained in the zip carefully!
support for sites with many visitors is limited.
Please note that the server part is currently not protected by a password or the like. I.e. once the verver is installed, anyone who uses JoomlaStatsViewer and knows your domain name can view your statistics. This will be fixed in a later version. 
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