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Thursday, 11 January 2007

This is module Activation Module (mod_jstats_activate) Homepage - extension to 'Joomla CMS' and 'JoomlaStats'


This module activates JoomlaStats.

Just install this module like any other Joomla module to activate JoomlaStats. This way you don't need to change the template.



There are several ways to activate JoomlaStats, they are described in the activation FAQ.


In the past you needed to add some lines to the site template.

Now you just download the latest mod_jstats_activate module, install and publish it...
It's soooooo easy !!!
2008-10-24 SVN r127
[#13304] Unify format in all *.xml files
[#13303] Unify introduction tags in all *.xml files
[#13302] Unify header comment in all *.php files
2008-10-23 SVN r125
[#13289] Unify license in all extensions to be compatible with Joomla license.
[#13288] Remove PHP end mark '?>' from all *.php files.
[#13287] Remove characters before '<?php' in all php files.
2008-09-08 v1.4 beta (SVN r104)
[#12393] Two activation modules make that statistics are not counted
2007-01-10 v1.3 alpha
No change log before
Last Updated ( Thursday, 29 January 2009 )
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