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Saturday, 25 November 2006

This is home page of activation bot module (bot_jstats_activate)


Activation bot is deprecated since v2.3.x and Joomla CMS 1.5
It is dangerous in Joomla 1.5 and should be uninstalled!!

For more details about problems with bot, read this article.


This mambot activates JoomlaStats.

 Just install this module like any other Joomla mambot to activate JoomlaStats. This way you don't need to change the template.

However this activation mambot will not enable you to view real page titles. You might want to consider an other activation method described in the activation FAQ.




In the past you needed to add some lines to the template. Now you can use a simple mambot.

Just download the bot_jstats_activate mambot, install it and publish it...



 Date Version
Initial version continued on work from Norbert Bayer.
 2007-10-11  1.2

Fixes bug (thanks to bpearson):

PHP Notice: Use of undefined constant mosConfig_absolute_path - assumed 'mosConfig_absolute_path' in .../mambots/system/bot_jstats_activate.php on line 25



2008-10-24 SVN r127
[#13304] Unify format in all *.xml files
[#13303] Unify introduction tags in all *.xml files
[#13302] Unify header comment in all *.php files

2008-10-23 SVN r125
[#13289] Unify license in all extensions to be compatible with Joomla license.
[#13288] Remove PHP end mark '?>' from all *.php files.
[#13287] Remove characters before '<?php' in all php files.
Last Updated ( Saturday, 16 January 2010 )