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Thursday, 04 May 2006
This is module Visitors by Country (mod_jstats_visitors_by_country) Homepage - extension to 'Joomla CMS' and 'JoomlaStats' 
Shows the visitors by Country
View in the frontend:

Module Visitors by Country (mod_jstat_visitors_by_country) is replaced by module Flags (mod_jstats_flags). Module flags contain all features of this module and much more. It also contain many updates connected with new versions of Joomla.
Please refer to Flags Homepage.
View from the configure module screen: 



Development continuation of this module is done by module Flags


2008-10-24 SVN r128
[#13307] Add more options to list length

2008-10-24 SVN r127
[#13304] Unify format in all *.xml files
[#13303] Unify introduction tags in all *.xml files
[#13302] Unify header comment in all *.php files
2008-10-23 SVN r125
[#13289] Unify license in all extensions to be compatible with Joomla license.
[#13288] Remove PHP end mark '?>' from all *.php files.
[#13287] Remove characters before '<?php' in all php files.
2008-07-21 SVN
~ Adopted to 'Joomla 1.5.x Legacy'

2008-01-13 2.4
+ added items options 0 (disable list) and All
+ possible to show tool tips while hovering over flag showing country code and name
+ possible to show absolute number of visit, so you can see exact number of visits from that country
+ possible to hide non countries (local,unknown,com,net,org,edu,info,mil,int,arpa) from the list
+ possible to hide the number in the header, or the complete header
+ added footer with possibility to hide it, showing xxx visits from yyy countries. Text is customizable.

2006-11-26 2.3
~ Module updated to work together with JoomlaStats releases starting from 2.1.5. If you use older JoomlaStats version please use 2.2

2006-05-05 2.2
! Percentage was always 100% for selection. Changed it to be real percentages of selected period.

2006-05-05 2.1
~ First port from TFSforMambo to JoomlaStats

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 05 November 2008 )
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