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JoomlaStats is a terrific tool to see what's happening with your Joomla website.

What makes it more powerful then other stats-tools?
* All the data is you're own (no 3rd party used)
* it wil log the real page name in stead of some
* it is aware of the (Joomla) logged in user!

Find out how easy it is to  support  JoomlaStats!
SSSssst, did you know it's just 3 simple steps and your site is collecting valueable statistics?
Looking for information? Try the search bar on the top, then try search bar within FAQ section. We try to combine them within one search bar.


JoomlaStats v3.0.2 officially released! PDF Print
Thursday, 07 January 2010
We are proud to announce that we officially release JoomlaStats v3.0.2 ( at 7 January2010. This version replaced v3.0.1, which contain bug, and provide only fix for this bug. Currently it has stability status Alpha (v3.0.0 has status Stable), but it's expected to have Beta after 2 weeks and Production/Stable after 2 months, if no serious bugs will be reported.
Find out more about it at main component v3.0.0 
You can find more about JoomlaStats release strategy here.
SEO, SEF should not be used if You use this version.
If you have some problems, please see our FAQ.
* -> Security Fix
#-> Bug Fix
$ -> Language fix or change
+ -> Addition
^ -> Change
- -> Removed
! -> Note


------------------- 3.0.2 Stable Release [2009-January-7] ------------------

5-Jan-2009 Andrzej Trelinski
 # [#19281] Call to undefined function js_getJSNowTimeStamp()

------------------ 3.0.1 Stable Release [2009-December-30] -----------------

30-Dec-2009 Andrzej Trelinski
 ^ In date filter next year appear in the last 2 weeks of current year

28-Dec-2009 Andrzej Trelinski
 + Print CMS caching status in debug mode on front page
 + Print "User Agent" string in debug mode on front page

16-Dec-2009 Michał Mielech
 $ Update Polish language

16-Dec-2009 Andrzej Trelinski
 # [#19021] Wrong time in joomlastats
 # [#18992] Problem with $bc = $nw | (~$nm);

15-Dec-2009 Andrzej Trelinski
 + [#19001] Extend notification about JS time and timezones

12-Dec-2009 Andrzej Trelinski
 # [#18970] Keywords are incorrectly recognized
 # [#18344] *** glibc detected *** double free or corruption (fasttop) with AOL search results links

11-Dec-2009 Andrzej Trelinski
 # [#18986] Relevant single quote characters in column "keywords" in table "jos_jstats_keywords"

1-Dec-2009 Andrzej Trelinski
 # [#18909] Safari browser is not recognized correctly (thanks to Andreas)
 # [#18907] Using function from non standard PHP library (mb_strtolower())
 # [#18898] Chrome browser is not recognized correctly (thanks to Andreas)

10-Sep-2009 Roar Jystad
 $ Update Norvegian language

5-Sep-2009 Andrzej Trelinski
 # Missing notification on JS frontend (error)
 # User filter does not work on Visits page
 + New report: Detail visit information
 + API: added module translation tool
 ^ Improve graphical visualization
I want to make special thanks to three forum members Eorisis, Kasus and Grégory Roussel who help me solve very old and nasty bugs.
Last Updated ( Thursday, 07 January 2010 )
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