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Thursday, 31 December 2009
This is module Visitor Details (mod_jstats_visitordetails) Homepage - extension to 'Joomla CMS' and 'JoomlaStats'
We are looking for code leader who will be boss to this extension. For details see article JoomlaStats is looking for codeleaders 
Module Visitor Details is continuation of module mod_jstats_visitor_detail (
IMPORTANT NOTICE: require at least
- show visitor country as text
- show visitor country as image (Flag)
- show visitor browser as text
- show visitor browser as image
- show visitor OS as text
- show visitor OS as image
- show visitor IP address
- texts and images order is defined by user
- translation tool
- ability to choose image sets for Flags Browsers and OS
Last Updated ( Thursday, 07 January 2010 )
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