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JoomlaStats is a terrific tool to see what's happening with your Joomla website.

What makes it more powerful then other stats-tools?
* All the data is you're own (no 3rd party used)
* it wil log the real page name in stead of some
* it is aware of the (Joomla) logged in user!

Find out how easy it is to  support  JoomlaStats!
SSSssst, did you know it's just 3 simple steps and your site is collecting valueable statistics?
Looking for information? Try the search bar on the top, then try search bar within FAQ section. We try to combine them within one search bar.


JoomlaStats is looking for codeleaders PDF Print
Monday, 30 March 2009
Since the codebase of JoomlaStats is getting bigger and bigger we are changing the organizational structure a bit.
We are looking for people who take care of one or more of our modules and will develop and maintain them. If you are a programmer you can become leader of a module that monthly has hundreds of downloads. You'll have almost complete free hand about changes and decision you want to make.
If you feel not yet strong enough about your qualities, then we as JoomlaStats Team also encourage you to join us. We'll help you develop yourself in order to maintain your module!
If freedom is most important for you, you can use the JS API to build your totally own extension! - We also can give you hand with this and we advertise your extension on JoomlaStats 3-rd party extensions.
JoomlaStats is one of most popular extension to Joomla CMS. After introducing new features in v2.3.0 we predict that JS strengthen its position, so your module will be more popular each month and acquire more and more users.

If you are willing to try, register on and contact with ATrel or RoBo through the developers forum.
Last Updated ( Friday, 01 January 2010 )
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