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Thursday, 30 October 2008
This is module Flags (mod_jstats_flags) Homepage - extension to 'Joomla CMS' and 'JoomlaStats'
Module Flags is continuation of module mod_visitors_by_country. Flags has all features of module 'Visitors by country' and much more
For 'joomla 1.5.x' and main component ( version 2.3.0 install development snapshot '' (due to Joomla Bug)

Module 'Flags' (mod_jstats_flags) shows visitor statistics grouped by visitors country. It has over 35 features/options that allow to show statistics in format and style defined by user. JoomlaStats 'Flags' provide also wide help in tool tips to newbie and advanced users.
- showing countries flags of visitors (graphical images)
- ability to choose flags image set
- 3 view type modes (vertical, horizontal, inline)
- ability of showing 18 data like: number of visits, total visits for country, country name etc.
- data order and format is defined by user
- selectable time period for statistics
- translation tool for non-English pages
- selectable list length
- showing/hiding header and footer
- user definable header, list and footer format
- ability of using HTML tags in header, list and footer
- selectable percent precision
- ability to apply threshold
- ability to truncate country name
- ability to hide or exclude countries
- hiding non counties
- user definable tool tips
- tool tips can be applied to image, whole row or none
- 'CSS level 2.1' valid code
- 'XHTML 1.0 Transitional' valid code (joomla 1.5.7 default)
2009-04-06 development snapshot (SVN r266)
Package filename ''
works with main component v2.3.0
only 'j1.5.x'
2009-03-25 SVN r266
Fix selecting folder with image set (adopting to j1.5.x)
2009-03-24 Release v2.7.0
works with main component v2.3.0
only 'j1.0.15 Native' due to bug in j1.5.x Legacy mode
[#14854] Warnings on front site (part) (c) d) e) solved) 
[#15584] Adopt module to main component v2.3.0 and v2.5.0
[#15585] Ability to select TLD image set
[#14453] Add translation tool
[#14343] Add more options to time period - minute, hour, day resolution  
2008-12-02 Release v2.6.0 (SVN r163)
[#13644] SQL queries error for time period different than total
[#13645] Percent counting for time period different than total
[#13551] Total number of countries is incorrect
[#13552] Missing Module Class Suffix in all modules
[#13305] Hard coded texts in php file
[#13306] Warnings on front site
[#13414] Images could not work on some servers
[#13465] One click activation generates warning on front page.
[#13466] Generated code is not HTML valid.

~ Adopted to 'Joomla 1.5.x Legacy'
[#13646] Add new hash parameter 'visits in time period'
[#13647] Add new hash parameter 'number of countries in time period'
[#13648] Add new hash parameter 'total visits for particular country'
[#13649] Add new hash parameter 'top level domain'
[#13650] Ability to hide country
[#13651] Ability to show, hide or exclude non countries
[#13652] Ability to define precision of percents
[#13518] Possibility to show list horizontally
[#13519] Ability of displaying position number in list
[#13467] Ability to shorten country name
[#13520] Ability of excluding user defined countries from list
[#13413] Ability to use user defined format in list, header, footer and tool tips
[#13419] Ability to remove '<' sign and countries below 1%
[#13422] Ability to add tool tip to whole row not only image
[#13423] Database query optimisation
[#13424] Clear code
[#13425] One click activation method not initialize module correctly
[#13426] Separate logic from presentation
[#13427] Simplify interface
[#13428] Fix MySqli support
[#13429] Limit SQL queries (part)
[#13307] Add more options to list length
[#13653] Update template to work in j1.0.15 and j1.5.x
[#13522] Notification about not installed engine in all modules
[#13429] Limit SQL queries (finished)
[#13304] Unify format in all *.xml files
[#13303] Unify introduction tags in all *.xml files
[#13302] Unify header comment in all *.php files
[#13289] Unify license in all extensions to be compatible with Joomla license.
[#13288] Remove PHP end mark '?>' from all *.php files.
[#13287] Remove characters before '<?php' in all php files.


2008-01-13 mod_visitors_by_country_2.4 released 
~ Only 'Joomla 1.0.15 Native'
Last Updated ( Thursday, 04 June 2009 )
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