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Thursday, 30 October 2008
Here you can find what happened in the past to JoomlaStats.

2008-11-30 JoomlaStats 2.2.3 stable released
~ [#13954] Update tables - new browsers, bots search engines
!  [#13955] Problem with updating table __jstats_bots
!  [#13956] In 'Summary month' sums are incorrectly displayed on new database
!  [#13957] Problem with $where = NULL;
!  [#13958] On visitors page >> character is moved to next line
!  [#13870] JavaScript error cb_y on accepting date in filter
!  [#13871] Pagination fail on pages 'Page Hits', 'Visitors by Country' and 'Referrers'
~ [#13872] Lack of info about summarize process
+ [#13873] Date filter improvement
+ [#13658] Update flag images in 2.2.2
!  [#13655] Uninstallation misleading notices
!  [#13656] Notices about getting data from variable $_POST['search'] that was not set
~ [#13657] Improve installation process

2008-09-12 JoomlaStats 2.2.2 stable released
! [#12712] Lack of memory in option 'Page hits' (blank page)
! [#12482] Problem with $_POST['dom']
! [#12708] 'Referrers' not work when 'StartDayOrMonth' is set to 'Month'
! [#9818] missing defined('_VALID_MOS') install.com_joomlastats.php
! [#12177] Missing text in component menu
! [#12739] Remove mysql* calls from component
! [#12740] Get search value from request in proper way
! [#12250] 'Full Backup' option brake joomla stats
! [#12341] Warnings on front site (JSite::$_session)
! [#12742] Without visits, 'Visitors' page is broken

2007-12-16 JoomlaStats 2.2.1 stable released
! OS Windows Vista should report fine now (thanks Homey for noticing)
! Summarize should now work with little PHP memory or large execution times
~ Upgraded from partial to full IT translation (thanks to Pisu)
~ changed fixed help pages into Wiki help pages
+ configuration option to select day or month for first display

2007-04-20 JoomlaStats 2.2.0 stable released
~ fixed: removed extra '.' after 100% filled %bar
! two PHP 5 issues solved (thanks to timbortnik)
! couple of warnings removed displayed when there are no records
in the database

2007-02-25 JoomlaStats 2.1.9 beta released
+ complete multilingual (included also the installer and menu items!)
+ SEF.urls are correct displayed
+ new backup functions
+ config: option to show also purged data as extra fields or included with the overall data's
+ pagenavigation (on almost all statistic pages where it makes sense)
+ new (and additional) icons (also for menu item)
+ new HELP.function (this will become obsolete and realized through online wiki help)
+ 100% XHTML-valid
+ all title.- and alt.tags are displayed (partly with help messages) where it makes sense
~ installation: added some extra info about tables and records
~ complete adoption to Joomla core functions (specially database functions), Joomla 1.0.10 or newer required(!)
~ config: tooltips instead of plain messages
~ lang.files: saved as UTF-8 !
~ Reversed the sequence of years in the pull down menu
! registered usernames where not always logged
! solved SQL error when not selected a year (or better: all years)
! percent data's are correct shown

2006-11-25 JoomlaStats 2.1.5 beta released
! some (top level domain) flags weren't installed

2006-11-24 JoomlaStats 2.1.4 beta released (obsolete)
+ activation of JoomlaStats by using mambot!
+ whois: Added more IP blocks to the address filter
+ keep configuration on update to newer JoomlaStats version
~ changed default installation timezone to '+1', because the most visitors to our home page are from this zone
+ added language file ES thanks to Diego
+ added language file TR thanks to CMSRehberi
+ added about 15-20 missing flags
+ added TLD .jobs, .mobi and .travel
+ added TLD .eu and .cat
- removed .nato TLD as it was never used
! Fixed: "Fatal error: Call to a member function setQuery() on a non-object in .../ on line 250"
! Fixed: "Warning: mktime() expects parameter 1 to be long, string given in .../admin.joomlastats.html.php on line 618", thanks to the_digitalmouse
! Several small bug fixes within the whois function

2006-06-30 JoomlaStats 2.1.3 alpha released

! Fixed a bug in installation script noticeable by warning " on line 747" (thanks to bibu06)
! Fixed a bug where br country code was shown without a flag

2006-06-06 JoomlaStats 2.1.2 alpha released
+ Implemented Whois query, now almost all visitors can
   be related to their country
+ Speedup admin table page request lookups (thanks to Lurker73) + Numbers in Summary Month are now links to their belonging tables
+ Added graphical percentage bars
+ Some optimizations during installation screens
+ enhanced summary information (year/month) tables
+ added 'All Referrer Domains' / 'All All Search Engines'
+ added missing flags for sh and ac domains

2006-05-27 JoomlaStats 2.1.1 stable released
! Patch for PHP 5.0.5 users

2006-05-03 JoomlaStats 2.1.0 stable released
! minor bugs fixed

2006-04-22 JoomlaStats 2.1 beta3 released
~ Datacollection not by mambot but by template

2006-04-03 JoomlaStats 2.1 beta2 released
+ updated the script, new toolbar and bugfix for configuration

2006-03-26 JoomlaStats 2.1 beta released
+ Data collection using mambot

2005-09-20  TFSforMAMBO for Joomla! Beta released

2005-08-01  TFSforMAMBO version 2.0.1
! when keywords string from searchengine was empty
+ PageRequest function now includes the name of the page title
+ lt language file added to the component
+ in the visitor report option added ip address en pathinfo
+ added pathinfo report
~ changed mos_TFS_pages table added `page_title` field
~ changed page statistics on backend so the page title is shown if available
~ new ip to country import from 13 juli 2005
~ database changes: ALTER TABLE `#__TFS_pages` ADD `page_title` VARCHAR( 255 );

2005-07-10 Admin module released
+ show statistics for, browser, os, country en bots.
+ You can set a period for  today, this week, this month and total.  

2005-07-05 New language file Lithuania
Thanks to Tomas Stasiukaitis

2005-04-27 Patch for TFSforMAMBO v2
! fixes bug #5499; When viewing the statistics, the page hits report, offers a link to the visited page. appears as "ttp://"

2005-03-14 final release TFSforMAMBO component version 2.0
! fixed a bug in the install script
! fixed reading out the database size
+ pagehits report now has a link to that page
+ improved detection
+ sef function now works correct
~ changed database queries, now debug also shows the TFSforMAMBO queries

2001-11-09 release TFS version 1.2.0
+ new report engine+ added option to make reports between two dates
+ added report option for visitors per hour
+ added report option for robots/spiders per hour


+ added new feature
!  solved a bug
~ changed something
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